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Terms & Conditions

Please read and agree to them before joining the spree

1. I will not be responsible if
i) Items are lost/damaged during shipping/post
but will paste my return my address at the back of every package and I would also advise you to choose registered post as it is safer especially for expensive items.
wrong size/item/color is ordered (but will make sure the orders are correct before sending to supplier/merchant)
iii) wrong item/color/size is shipped
iv) measurements provided by supplier is wrong
as there is no way for me for me to know if it is right since I do not have the actual item on hand
v) supplier runs away ( touch wood ) but will ensure certain level of credibility of supplier before ordering from him/her.

2. First time orders
I will not be responsible if
i) item is not the same as that shown on picture

3. Colors of items for supplier sprees
I will not be responsible if
ii) color of item is not exactly the same as that on the picture
due to color differences that might have resulted from different brands of lcd screens, display settings of lcd screens,
supplier's camera settings, lighting where the photo is taken, etc.
However, color differences would not be too much,
item's color would at least be 90% similar to what is shown on the pictures.

4. Quality of items
I will not be responsible if quality of items are not up to your expectations as perceptions
towards quality differs. But if I state that the items are of good quality, it means I have seen and touched them
and find that they are good enough. If you feel differently, I can only blame it on differences in our perceptions.
Also, I am unable to try out every single item in my sprees so I can only gauge their quality when they are first here.
Unable to guarantee their quality after usage, unless for items that I have also bought for myself.

5. Defective items
Should the item be defective in one way or another, do email to inform me immediately,
if not latest within 7 days
after receiving the item.
 I would help you solve the problem with the supplier.
Some suppliers require proofs of defects, so do cooperate and provide photos if needed.

4. Observing basic courtesy
Please be polite in your emails or comments, do not swear/scold me.
Also, do not blame me unnecessarily before sorting out your issues with me.
Online shopping should be an activity to unwind and de-stress, not to create unhappiness.
Do try to understand and appreciate the amount of time and effort I have put in to organize each spree.
So do not join if you are a fussy or a very demanding person.

Lastly, if you are ok with the above.
I will put in my best to ensure that you have a fuss-free and enjoyable online shopping experience with me :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through the lengthy t&cs.

I have a black list too, spree-ers in this list would not be able to join any of my sprees

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